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Common Electrical Issues in the Audi’s Dashboard

While Audi generally produces excellent quality vehicles that drivers love, they may on occasion experience some issues. The Audi has been known to suffer from various electrical problems in some models. When dealing with any form of electrical issues, it can be tough to diagnose the source of the issue. However, being aware that your…
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HVAC Compressor Failure in Your Volvo

Occasionally, your Volvo may experience some problems. It is known for Volvo customers to complain about a failing or failed HVAC compressor. If you are experiencing issues with your car’s AC it can be incredibly frustrating to deal with. No one wants to get in their car on a summer day and not have cool…
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Issues When Selecting Gears in Your Mercedes Benz

At Lincoln Ave Auto we realize Mercedes Benz is known across the world for being a luxury brand that combines durability with amazing performance.  Owners of Mercedes Benz are right to expect a certain level of quality from their driving experience and most of the time they get it.  Despite this, it is not completely…
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Common Problems with Audi Axel Joints

Common Problems with Audi Axel Joints To own an Audi is to own one of the most desirable and well-designed vehicles on the market.  Purchasing an Audi is one of the best decisions you can make to enhance your driving experience.  Despite this, Audi's may still have issues that need to be addressed from time…
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