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Maintaining Your Car’s Carburetor

You have been driving your car for a very long time now. It has been with you through many life experiences and you are not ready to give it up. Or you may own a classic car that you have been repairing with your father or friends for a long time and it is now…
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Necessary Tools for Diagnosis in a European Auto Shop

Necessary Tools for Diagnosis in a European Auto Shop It is important to be able to recognize what tools are essential to diagnose vehicle trouble for your BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover or Audi when you go to your European Auto Mechanic.  Whether you’re going to your regular mechanic, or shopping around for a new mechanic…
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Changing a Car Battery

Changing a Car Battery:  When and How Nothing lasts forever, and the battery in your vehicle is no exception.  If you notice that your vehicle’s lights have grown noticeably dimmer or it has been more than three years since you last changed your battery it may be time to replace this essential car part.  While…
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