Necessary Tools for Diagnosis in a European Auto Shop

Necessary Tools for Diagnosis in a European Auto Shop

It is important to be able to recognize what tools are essential to diagnose vehicle trouble for your BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover or Audi when you go to your European Auto Mechanic.  Whether you’re going to your regular mechanic, or shopping around for a new mechanic to trust with your vehicle the ability to spot the right equipment never loses its value.  If your trusted mechanic has all the following tools you’re good to go!

OBD2 Code Reader

One of the most useful pieces of diagnostic equipment in an auto shop.  The OBD2 Code reader connects to your vehicle engine computer.  This enables mechanics to diagnose why your vehicle’s check engine light may be on.  The reader will give mechanics the error codes within the computer and will narrow down the range of possible problems or engine malfunctions.

Lift Equipment

It is often necessary to get to the underside of a vehicle in order to determine what is wrong with it.  Having the proper equipment to lift the vehicle up is very important for an auto shop.  The key pieces of equipment are floor jacks, transmission jacks, jack stands, and axle jacks.

Wheel Servicing Equipment

The proper equipment for servicing wheels and tires is one the most necessary sets of tools in a mechanic’s shop.  The reason for this is that a large portion of vehicle issues are wheel and tire problems.  An automated tire changer, controlled by foot pedals, will reduce the time needed to do a tire replacement.  A wheel balancer will examine a tire and determine if the tire wearing is uneven and requires replacement by utilizing a digital sensor.

Proper Lighting

The right lighting equipment may seem like a no brainer to have but it is often overlooked.  Fluorescent lighting will give off brighter light and less heat than traditional lamps and can be easily maneuvered while working on vehicle repairs.

Necessary Hand Tools

As often as not the simplest method also provides the quickest solution to a vehicle problem.  It is important for mechanics to have a quality set of hand tools that enable them to take a look at your vehicle without the need for more advanced diagnostic technology.

So whether you’re looking to stay the same, or are simply an interested potential client, we here at Lincoln Ave Auto are happy to provide you with the information you need to make the right vehicle repair decisions!   We hope that if you are a potential customer you will allow us to solve your automotive issues!

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