Audi Repair NJ

We are your Audi Dealer Alternative for all your repair and service needs. All Factory scheduled maintenance and service are performed as per Factory Specifications and at great savings over Dealer's costs. Yes, for Audi Repair and Service, we can save you 20%-30% Throughout The Year on all of your Audi Service And Repair Needs!

Welcome to Lincoln Ave Auto Independent Audi Service Center, your complete dealer alternative for Audi repair and service in Fairlawn NJ

Established in 1999, Lincoln Ave Auto is a leading German Auto Repair company in Bergen County, NJ. We know that buying a car is a big investment and if it is an Audi then it's extremely important that you keep up with its maintenance and repairs. Audi vehicles are one of the finest illustrations of German engineering and all of the Audi vehicles are luxurious, quick and pleasurable to drive. However, there will be times when your classy car needs some repairs or service and so your hunt for professional service will begin. If you are seeking the best services for your Audi, then look no further.

We, at Lincoln Ave Auto are proficient, and a leading name in German Audi Repair In Bergen County NJ. Regular maintenance and servicing helps in upholding, both the re-sale value and smooth running of your Audi. It is undoubtedly a high end car and the best way to keep it in smooth running condition is to ensure that major maintenance items are changed and inspected regularly, as per the servicing schedule. We use the latest problem-solving equipment, tools, and expertise to get the job completed right the first time.

Additionally, Audi Repair In Fairlawn NJ services are also important to carry out regular checkups to make sure that your Audi stays in top smooth running condition. Our technicians are trained in providing the best services and as well as the best maintenance or repair of your vehicle. We strive to offer the highest level of service in order to satisfy our customers. Audi Repair In Franklin Lakes NJ offers a diverse range of services that include scheduled maintenance and services like –

  •     Clutches
  •     Electrical Diagnostics
  •     Brake Jobs
  •     Coil changes
  •     Complete engine rebuilds
  •     Emission Diagnostics
  •     Alignments
  •     Timing Belt packages etc.

We offer expert guidance and knowledge of the services, performance upgrading and maintenance of Audi. Our trained technicians are capable of handling any related jobs, such as repairing or upgrading of –Transmission, engine, air conditioning, all electronics etc. We offer a multitude of services for Audi Repair In Irvine and are extremely proficient in providing all services for Audi at reasonable rates. We serve customers from all over NJ and believe in honesty, transparency and concentrate more on our customer's needs, providing the best customer service, and the highest standards of workmanship.

Our staff is Audi trained and takes pride in giving the best services using the latest technology, tools and equipment. Audi Repair In Fairlawn NJ offers a wide array of services from small repairs to large more complicated overhauls. We guarantee to provide the best service for your car, as we are proud service providers for Audi.

Undoubtedly, the servicing of Audi can be quite expensive, so we at Lincoln Ave Auto can save you at least 30% below dealer prices. The main concern with Audi's is that they often require timing belt replacement between 100,000 & 150,000 miles. In addition, oil leaks in your engine can also be costly. We make sure that our customers are very satisfied after receiving their service from us. Believing in transparency, we value our customers and their finances. For more details and any inquiries, feel free to contact us. We ensure that the service of your Audi will be done on time and at a reasonable rate.