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Mini Cooper Auto Repair Service and Maintenance

Mini Cooper Engine Overheating

Mini Cooper Engine Overheating Mini Coopers are known for performance and handling allowing for a safe and fun driving experience.  However, problems can always occur and sometimes these problems can even pose a threat to the safety of the driver and passengers.  When dealing with Mini Cooper engines, engines that perform to such a high…
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Mini Cooper Transmission Failure

The Signs and Causes of Mini Cooper Transmission Failure Mini Cooper is known for creating a vehicle that balances performance with fuel efficiency.  On top of this owners know that they’ve purchased a well-built vehicle that they can expect many miles of reliable driving from.  Despite this, no vehicle is ever perfect and over time…
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Advantages of a Mini Cooper

Advantages to Owning a Mini Cooper The Mini Cooper Brand inspires more loyalty in its owners than many of its competitors.  In this article our goal is to illuminate what exactly it is about Mini Coopers that make them so consistently loved by the vehicle owners. The Story of the Mini The Mini Cooper was…
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