Advantages of a Mini Cooper

Advantages to Owning a Mini Cooper

The Mini Cooper Brand inspires more loyalty in its owners than many of its competitors.  In this article our goal is to illuminate what exactly it is about Mini Coopers that make them so consistently loved by the vehicle owners.

The Story of the Mini

The Mini Cooper was born in 1960 when automotive pioneer John Cooper first conceived its design.  Cooper created a vehicle that offered automotive enthusiasts an advantage both on the racetrack and on an everyday drive.  This advantage, according to Cooper, was a combination of both the Mini’s compact size and the high quality materials making up the vehicle and its engine.  This perception of the Mini Cooper continues to this day making it a vehicle known for having high quality parts and race track quality handling  as well as all the amenities needed by the average consumer.

Benefits of the Mini Cooper Today

Today Mini Coopers retain their high standard of performance, but have had to balance that race track design with more common benefits needed by the average driver.  In short today every Mini Cooper is created with function, performance, safety, and driving pleasure in mind.  These characteristics set the Mini apart from many other European brands.

Fuel Standards

Small size and quality engine parts give Mini Coopers a high Miles to Gallon ratio.

Performance Standards

Mini Cooper’s racing past has given the brand a reputation for exceptional handling.  A recent partnering with BMW to engineer new models has only increased this handling quality.

Size vs. Comfort

The small stature of the Mini Cooper does not limit its available space for passengers and amenities.  Through careful design owners find that they have all the comfort they can need in their compact car.

Custom Options

Mini Coopers come with a lot of different customization and personalization options.

How We Can Be of Service

At Lincoln Ave Auto we understand the love that owners have for their Mini Coopers.  Our experts in Mini Cooper repair and Mini Cooper maintenance have all the tools at our disposal to ensure that your vehicle is properly cared for and maintained.

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