Get Ready for Summer Cruising in Your VW with a Quick AC Recharge

The spring cherry blossoms are fading, and you are driving with the windows down in your car again. The A/C stopped working last summer. You just never got around to getting it fixed. The pros at Lincoln Ave Auto in Fair Lawn, NJ can help with a quick A/C repair.

Recharging Your A/C Restores Cooling in Most Cars

If your Volkswagen is in good shape, but its air conditioning struggles to pump out cold air, a quick trip to Lincoln Ave Auto could do the trick. The most common fix for an aging A/C system is to recharge the coolant. The job takes about an hour, and you get to enjoy another summer or two of comfortable driving. Best of all, an A/C recharge is affordable.

Troubleshooting No A/C or Non-Responsive Climate Control in Your Volkswagen

Now, not every air conditioner system will respond to a simple recharge. If that happens, one of our skilled mechanics will take the time needed to find the real problem and get the climate control in your European auto working again. They will check for:

  • Clean cabin air filter: A clogged filter can stop the cold air from reaching the driver's seat.
  • Inspect the condenser and evaporator for dirt: Just like your refrigerator, a dirty A/C system has to work harder to cool the air. Dirt can also hide leaks and broken components.
  • Test the A/C compressor: Your A/C is a pressurized system. If the compressor isn't working, the coolant stops circulating.
  • Is the fan working?: Do you hear the dashboard fan speed up when you adjust the settings? If the fan is dead, then the cold air stays trapped down by the A/C unit.
  • Is the door actuator moving?: A small door hidden under your dash moves to change the airflow from the heater to the air conditioner. If that is stuck, you are always going to get hot air in your face.

Lincoln Ave Auto Certified Technicians are Prepared to Fix Your Air Conditioning

Every one of our skilled automotive technicians at Lincoln Ave Auto has the training and experience to repair your A/C unit. We specialize in maintaining premium European cars and SUVs like your Volkswagen to factory standards. We use OEM parts when available and only premium parts at other times.

Stop sweating during the evening rush hour on the Garden State Parkway! Bring your ride in to Lincoln Ave Auto today and get your air conditioning cranking out the cold again.

At Lincoln Ave Auto, in Fairlawn New Jersey, we specialize in VW and European auto repair.  As one of Northern New Jersey’s leading European Auto Specialists, our clients from Franklin Lakes, Saddle River, Wycoff and Glenn Rock, keep returning to take advantage of our European Auto Repair expertise with more affordable costs than dealerships and other shops.

If you are experiencing the issues with performance and reduced gas mileage we discussed and need to address them by replacing worn out spark plugs, please call us right now to schedule a maintenance appointment with our licensed automotive experts.  Here at Lincoln Ave Auto keeping your car at peak performance is our goal and commitment to you.

How We Can Help

At Lincoln Ave Auto we have dealt with Issues Related to all European Car issues.  Our team is experienced in diagnosing and repairing this issue.  We also have a wealth of experience with other problems that occur in European Autos.

At Lincoln Ave Auto, we proudly serve a diverse range of clients in Bergen County, NJ who drive European imports such as Volkswagen, Land Rover, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, MINI, Mini Cooper, and Porsche. Our focus of expertise is precise in order to provide the highest quality specialized services to our clients, savings of up to 20%, making us one of New Jersey’s leading European automotive specialists.

Get the proper maintenance and service for your European Auto at Lincoln Ave Auto your European and German Auto specialists.  Call for an appointment today. Tel: 973-427-4318

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