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Mercedes Benz Auto Repair Service and Maintenance

Maintaining Oil Pressure Switches in Mercedes

An issue that Mercedes cars often come across is oil pressure switch problems. The oil pressure switch in your Mercedes is critical and when it begins to malfunction it can cause performance issues in your Mercedes. lets discuss some of the signs to look out for when you suspect your Mercedes oil pressure switch isn’t…
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Issues When Selecting Gears in Your Mercedes Benz

At Lincoln Ave Auto we realize Mercedes Benz is known across the world for being a luxury brand that combines durability with amazing performance.  Owners of Mercedes Benz are right to expect a certain level of quality from their driving experience and most of the time they get it.  Despite this, it is not completely…
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Mercedes Benz Dealer Alternative

We are your Mercedes Benz Dealer Alternative for all of your repair and service needs. All Factory scheduled maintenance and service are performed as per Factory Specifications and at great savings over Dealer's costs. Yes, for Mercedes Benz Repair and Service, we can save you 20% – 30% throughout the year on all of your…
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