Issues When Selecting Gears in Your Mercedes Benz

At Lincoln Ave Auto we realize Mercedes Benz is known across the world for being a luxury brand that combines durability with amazing performance.  Owners of Mercedes Benz are right to expect a certain level of quality from their driving experience and most of the time they get it.  Despite this, it is not completely unheard of for some Mercedes to develop issues.  One such set of issues that commonly develop in Mercedes are problems with the gear selector.

A gear selector is a part of a vehicle’s transmission system.  The transmission controls the movement of the vehicle and the gear selector allows the driver to shift between different gears.  Mercedes Benz vehicles utilize an automatic system to switch between gears allowing for a smooth transition.  When the Mercedes gear selector becomes defective it can cause the driving experience to be severely impacted, even making it impossible.

Causes of Gear Selector Problems

There are numerous things that can cause a gear selector to malfunction.  One of the more common is an issue with the valve body of a Mercedes Benz.  The valve body is a part of the transmission system that controls what pressure the transmission fluid of the Mercedes flows at.  Valve body issues will affect hydraulic fluid pressure which will affect the way your vehicle changes gears.

Symptoms of Gear Selector Issues

  • Slipping Gears: While accelerating the vehicle will shift into a lower gear than it is supposed to.
  • Rough Gear Changes: Typically shifting gears in a Mercedes Benz should be a smooth process, unnoticeable to the driver. When gears seem to shift slowly or in a disruptive manner then this is a sign of a problem.  A driver may also experience delays when shifting into neutral or reverse.
  • Uncommon Sounds: Banging or clunking noises that occur when changing gears. These noises are caused by friction occurring between the different parts of the transmission.

How We Can Help

At Lincoln Ave Auto we have dealt with Issues Selecting Gears in Your Mercedes Benz.  Our team is experienced in diagnosing and repairing this issue.  We also have a wealth of experience with other problems that occur in Mercedes.

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