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Volkswagen Wiring Harness Failure

Understanding Volkswagen Wiring Harness Failure Volkswagen vehicles are known for being reliable, durable vehicles requiring little in the way of significant repair over the course of their life cycle.  However, over time problems can occur if regular preventative maintenance is not carried out. A set of problems unique to Volkswagens are issues with the wiring…
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Mini Cooper Transmission Failure

The Signs and Causes of Mini Cooper Transmission Failure Mini Cooper is known for creating a vehicle that balances performance with fuel efficiency.  On top of this owners know that they’ve purchased a well-built vehicle that they can expect many miles of reliable driving from.  Despite this, no vehicle is ever perfect and over time…
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What Causes a Porsche Fuel Pump to Leak

What Causes a Porsche Fuel Pump to Leak? If there is one brand name that drivers think of when considering luxury, high performance European cars it is Porsche. Porsche owners know that they can expect their vehicle to be both incredibly comfortable and well built; they know there is a reason that the vehicle designers…
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Necessary Tools for Diagnosis in a European Auto Shop

Necessary Tools for Diagnosis in a European Auto Shop It is important to be able to recognize what tools are essential to diagnose vehicle trouble for your BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover or Audi when you go to your European Auto Mechanic.  Whether you’re going to your regular mechanic, or shopping around for a new mechanic…
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