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Get Ready for Summer Cruising in Your VW with a Quick AC Recharge

The spring cherry blossoms are fading, and you are driving with the windows down in your car again. The A/C stopped working last summer. You just never got around to getting it fixed. The pros at Lincoln Ave Auto in Fair Lawn, NJ can help with a quick A/C repair. Recharging Your A/C Restores Cooling…
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Maintaining Oil Pressure Switches in Mercedes

An issue that Mercedes cars often come across is oil pressure switch problems. The oil pressure switch in your Mercedes is critical and when it begins to malfunction it can cause performance issues in your Mercedes. lets discuss some of the signs to look out for when you suspect your Mercedes oil pressure switch isn’t…
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Issues Related to Land Rover Parking Brakes?

Just like every other vehicle on the road, Land Rovers come with their own unique issues and quirks. One of the more prominent issues that Land Rover drivers run into is parking brake failure. It’s important to note that parking brake failure isn’t a problem that is unique to Land Rovers alone, but it is…
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