Mini Cooper Transmission Failure

The Signs and Causes of Mini Cooper Transmission Failure

Mini Cooper is known for creating a vehicle that balances performance with fuel efficiency.  On top of this owners know that they’ve purchased a well-built vehicle that they can expect many miles of reliable driving from.  Despite this, no vehicle is ever perfect and over time the way in which a Mini Cooper is driven can cause transmission failure.  Here we will discuss the signs and causes of transmission failure in a Mini Cooper and how we at Lincoln Ave Auto can help you solve this problem.

Reasons for Transmission Failure

Generally transmission failure occurs due to use over time, with the transmission breaking down because it has simply worn out.  In the automatic transmission system of a Mini Cooper there are several parts that make up the entire transmission system.  Each of these parts’ performance can affect the overall performance of the vehicle transmission.  All of these small parts can degrade over time from wear and tear.

The wearing out of these small transmission parts will happen faster the rougher driving the Mini Cooper withstands.  Being low to the ground the Mini Cooper is susceptible to damage from bumpy roads, potholes, and off-roading conditions all of which can lead to faster transmission wear.

Low transmission fluid can also cause problems for your Mini Cooper transmission.  Transmission fluid regulates and facilitates the transfer of pressure to the different portions of the transmission system.  This enables the driver to switch gears.  As time passes transmission fluid becomes less viscous and less effective at its job requiring it to be replaced.  If not then the Mini Cooper transmission can wear out faster.

Symptoms of Transmission Failure

  • Difficulty Shifting Gears: When a transmission is having problems some difficulty changing gears is to be expected. This usually manifests as a delay in gear switching within the vehicle.  This difficulty is often caused by interference with hydraulic pressure within the transmission.
  • Gear Slipping: When your Mini Cooper is accelerating and shifts down into neutral or a lower gear. This is caused by low transmission fluid making it impossible for the transmission to change into a higher gear.   Gear slipping causes unsafe driving conditions.
  • Noises in Neutral: If when the Mini Cooper is in neutral gear you hear banging, clunking, whining, or tapping noises this is a strong indication of a transmission problem.  Usually these noises are a result of low transmission fluid which also serves as a form of system lubrication for the metal transmission parts.
  • Leaking Fluid: If you notice puddles of transmission fluid under your Mini Cooper this could be another indication of a transmission problem or leak.

How We Can Help

Our expert technicians at Lincoln Ave Auto have seen it all when it comes to vehicle transmissions.  We can diagnose whether or not your Mini Cooper is experiencing Transmission failure and then isolate one of the many causes of this vehicle issue.  Once we know the specific cause of the problem we can fix your Mini Cooper and have you back on the road enjoying your vehicle in no time!

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