Common Problems with Audi Axel Joints

Common Problems with Audi Axel Joints

To own an Audi is to own one of the most desirable and well-designed vehicles on the market.  Purchasing an Audi is one of the best decisions you can make to enhance your driving experience.  Despite this, Audi's may still have issues that need to be addressed from time to time.  Today we will discuss some common issues with your Audi’s axle joints.

Purpose of Axel Joints

Axel joints are an important link in the chain that delivers power from your vehicle’s transmission to its wheels.  Keeping the joints properly lubricated will ensure that they function optimally and for a long time, however, over time they are subject to large amounts of wear and tear.

Signs of Axel Joint Damage

Weird Sounds – If while accelerating you hear clicking noises this could be an indication of an axle joint problem.  This is often a sign of a worn down axle joint in need of immediate repair.  Continuing to drive with a worn axle joint will harm your Audi’s performance and effect the vehicle’s ability to turn properly.

Tire Grease – Tires should never be greasy, despite constantly being exposed to nature.  Damaged axle joints will cover your tires in an excessive amount of grease.  This grease is a byproduct of deficient joints attempting to work at full capacity.  Be sure to check your car tires while parked if you suspect axle joint damage.

Vibrations – If your vehicle vibrates intensely upon acceleration, this is a clear sign that your axle joints need repair.  This experience can be both frightening and damaging to the fun of the driving experience, so it’s important to have it corrected by a trusted mechanic.

How We Can Help

At Lincoln Ave Auto we have dealt with damaged axle joints numerous times.  Our team is experienced in diagnosing and repairing this issue.  We also have a wealth of experience with other problems that occur in Audi's.

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