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Air conditioning – luxury to an absolute necessity

AC and Cabin Air Filter Replacement Now that summer is in full swing, vehicle air conditioning goes from being a luxury to an absolute necessity.  Particularly if your vehicle is of European make and a certain level of comfort, quality and luxury is expected of it.  If your vehicle’s air conditioning is malfunctioning the most…
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Signs Your Vehicle Requires Alignment

Ongoing maintenance and observation are essential to the long-term health of any vehicle.  It is important to have your vehicle inspected before problems become physically apparent; as problems can compound, the longer a vehicle goes without being serviced.     Failing to do routine maintenance upon your vehicle can ultimately result in more expensive repairs and more…
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Advantages of a Mini Cooper

Advantages to Owning a Mini Cooper The Mini Cooper Brand inspires more loyalty in its owners than many of its competitors.  In this article our goal is to illuminate what exactly it is about Mini Coopers that make them so consistently loved by the vehicle owners. The Story of the Mini The Mini Cooper was…
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Ensuring your European Auto is ready for Summer

Beat the Heat – Ensuring Your Car is ready for Summer For each season of the year different measures are required to prevent damage to your vehicle.  These preemptive steps can potentially save you thousands and are vital in many parts of the country where weather patterns can often be extreme.  It is important to…
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