Air conditioning – luxury to an absolute necessity

AC and Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Now that summer is in full swing, vehicle air conditioning goes from being a luxury to an absolute necessity.  Particularly if your vehicle is of European make and a certain level of comfort, quality and luxury is expected of it.  If your vehicle’s air conditioning is malfunctioning the most likely cause of it is the cabin air filter.  A cabin air filter is what catches all the dust, debris, pollutants, and smoke that are in roadway air as this air is drawn into your vehicle’s cabin by the air conditioning system.   As such it is an essential vehicle part that facilitates the safety and comfort of you as a driver.

When to Schedule a Cabin Air Filter Change

It is a good rule of thumb to schedule a cabin air filter change at the same that you schedule a vehicle’s oil change.  A trained mechanic will be able to stay on top of this routine maintenance procedure, and will know the signs that point to a need for a filter replacement.  Though the cabin air filter can become dirtier much quicker a good rule of thumb is to change the air filter every 12 to 15 thousand miles.

Greater Use, Faster Filth

If you are driving your vehicle in areas with lots of ambient dust, or in cities where smog and smoke as well as road dust persist then don’t be surprised if your vehicles cabin air filter wears out sooner than it might have otherwise.  The longer a degraded filter is left in place the greater the likelihood your vehicles entire air system could be damaged.  If the airflow in your cabin is decreased, or if your air unit is emitting a mildew or musty smell then it is time to replace your cabin air filter.

How We Can Help

At Lincoln Ave Auto we will be able to pinpoint what exactly is troubling your vehicle’s air conditioning system.  If the problem is an old or defective cabin air filter we will immediately be able to determine this and to change the filter cheaply and efficiently.  Come see us if you have any questions about your vehicles air conditioning system or cabin air filter as the air quality of your vehicle’s cabin is very important to you and us!

At Lincoln Ave Auto, we proudly serve a diverse range of clients in Bergen County, NJ, who drive European imports such as Land Rover, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, MINI, Volkswagen, and Porsche. Our focus of expertise is precise in order to provide the highest quality specialized services to our clients, but we don’t charge the same high rates that nearby dealerships often do, making us one of New Jersey’s leading European automotive specialists.

Air Conditioning is an important item of ongoing maintenance, and we take it seriously. If you’d like to have your air conditioning inspected or serviced, please contact us to schedule an appointment right away.

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