What Causes a Porsche Fuel Pump to Leak

What Causes a Porsche Fuel Pump to Leak?

If there is one brand name that drivers think of when considering luxury, high performance European cars it is Porsche.

Porsche owners know that they can expect their vehicle to be both incredibly comfortable and well built; they know there is a reason that the vehicle designers at Porsche are known all over the world as makers of high quality vehicles.  That being said there are some problems that can occur in Porsche models, one of these is fuel pump leakage.  Here we will discuss what might be the cause of you Porsche fuel pump leak, signs to look for, and how we at Lincoln Ave Auto can help solve this issue.

IMPORTANT: Fix Fuel Pump Leaks Immediately

A leaking fuel pump is a serious vehicle issue that is both inconvenient and unsafe.  A leaking fuel pump can be a fire hazard.  A faulty pump can also cause your car to run out of gas faster and unpredictably, leaving you and your vehicle stranded on the side of the road.  Finally, leaking fuel will absolutely ruin the gas mileage efficiency of your Porsche costing you more in the long run than what it would take to correct the issue.

Fuel Pump Leak Causes

There are several things that can cause the fuel pump of your Porsche to leak, which is why it is important to have a skilled automotive mechanic with specialized knowledge of European cars examine your Porsche.

At Lincoln Ave Auto our specialists can perform a series of diagnostic tests and inspections to determine what specific problem plagues your Porsche.  The automotive specialist may inspect the tubes and hosing that connect to the fuel pump ensuring that over time they have no become cracked or worn.  In addition older Porsche models have been known to have issues with leaking internal diaphragms.

Symptoms of a Porsche Fuel Pump Leak

  • A puddle of fuel forms under the vehicle or the smell of gasoline is very strong when driving the Porsche.
  • The engine temperature in your vehicle rises and your Porsche engine runs hot. This is caused by the engine working harder to combust the limited fuel it has as a result of the fuel pump leak.  Check your temperature gauge daily if you suspect a fuel leak.
  • If your Porsche is experiencing a fuel pump leak you will notice a decrease in your vehicle’s miles per gallon and your overall fuel economy. If you find that your gas tank seems to be emptying quicker than normal and you’re spending more money and filling your Porsche up more often, the vehicle may be suffering from a gas leak.
  • A gas leak will also cause your Porsche to experience decreased performance capacity. Vehicles experiencing a gas leak will have noticeable symptoms of decreased performance.  These include difficulty starting the vehicle, loss of battery power, and rough running.

How We Can Help

At Lincoln Ave auto we have a team of experienced European automotive repair specialists who can quickly diagnose such issues as a fuel pump leak.  Our team has the range of experience and depth of knowledge to quickly get your Porsche running at the high quality standard that the brand is known for!

At Lincoln Ave Auto, we proudly serve a diverse range of clients in Bergen County, NJ, who drive European imports such as, Land Rover, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, MINI, Volkswagen, and Porsche. Our focus of expertise is precise in order to provide the highest quality specialized services to our clients, but we don’t charge the same high rates that nearby dealerships often do, making us one of New Jersey’s leading European automotive specialists.

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