Volkswagen Wiring Harness Failure

Understanding Volkswagen Wiring Harness Failure

Volkswagen vehicles are known for being reliable, durable vehicles requiring little in the way of significant repair over the course of their life cycle.  However, over time problems can occur if regular preventative maintenance is not carried out.

A set of problems unique to Volkswagens are issues with the wiring and electrical components of the vehicle.  Specifically, wiring harness failure is a fairly common problem amongst older model Volkswagens, like the ubiquitous and iconic microbuses of the 1960s.  It is essential to recognize the signs of wiring failure in order to prevent greater amounts of damage to your Volkswagen.

Why Wiring Harness Failure is Serious

Wiring harness is the outer layer, or shielding, that protects the internal components of the wire.  When the metal inner components of wiring become exposed they can come into contact with one another causing electrical components in your vehicle to short circuit.  More seriously, exposed faulty wiring can create sparks that can cause a fire in your vehicle.  This outcome can be avoided with proper vigilance and maintenance.

Signs of a Problem

Failure of the wiring that brings power to headlights and taillights can become apparent when headlights and taillights stop working or come on and off sporadically.  The lights can also become dimmer making them less effective and dangerous.  Another sign of faulty wiring can be the Volkswagen failing to start.  At best these problems will impact the performance of your vehicle, at worst they can start a dangerous car fire and jeopardize your life.

A Problem Most Common in Older Models

Wiring harness failure most often occurs as the harness hardens, and cracks with age and lack of maintenance, making this a common problem in older Volkswagens that have not been serviced in a long time.  This is why regular vehicle inspection and maintenance is so important. 

Preventative Measures

Wiring harness failure may be unavoidable in some cases of age, but the best way to ensure that faulty wiring doesn’t impact your Volkswagen is by engaging in regular vehicle maintenance.  The cost of repairing a Volkswagen will only grow the longer the initial wiring problems go unattended.

How We Can Help

At Lincoln Ave Auto we are experienced with diagnosing potential wiring harness failures.   We will be able to pinpoint the origin of the wiring failure, repair it, and get your Volkswagen back onto the road quickly and efficiently.

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