Problems with Land Rover Air Suspension

Problems with Land Rover Air Suspension

The name Land Rover brings to mind the image of a certain type of car, a car that is built for adventure.  Land Rovers are designed to be durable enough to handle challenges both on and off the road.  Simultaneously these vehicles possess a range of luxury and safety features that make driving them a great experience.

Despite the successful combination of dependability and comfort present in Land Rovers problems can still occur.  When considering the off-road component of many Land Rover trips one common set of issues to be aware of are issues with Land Rover air suspension.

How Land Rover Air Suspension Works

The air suspension system in a Land Rover is intricately designed.  The suspension has an electronic control system that allows the driver to make adjustments in the suspension.  This is accomplished by means of four compressors connected to each individual air strut.  The electronic suspension control in Land Rovers facilitates a smooth ride no matter the terrain.  As time passes and the parts of the suspension system break down the control system also degrades.  This adds a layer of complexity to the task of repairing problems in a Land Rover air suspension system.

Signs of Air Suspension Problems

Most of the time air suspension problems are caused by a small leak in the tubing of the air struts.  This leak causes the compressor to continuously pump more air into the system.  Over time the suspension of your vehicle will sag noticeably and the compressor could even fail completely.  You may also notice louder noises as the compressor struggles to compensate for the leak.

Fixing a Broken Air Suspension System

Depending on how long the air suspension problems have been allowed to persist, the fix may be as simple as replacing a damaged or leaking air strut.  However, if the compressor is allowed to fail replacement can become more expensive and time consuming as the electronic control system must be considered as well.

How We Can Help

Here at Lincoln Ave Auto our experts are experienced at diagnosing and repairing all manner of vehicle issues, and Land Rover issues are no exception.  We can tell you if your Land Rover is experiencing air suspension problems, or any other issues, and fix these problems in an affordable and efficient manner.  We also cannot stress the importance of routine diagnostic inspections in order to catch small problems before they become more costly and debilitating.

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