Signs Your Vehicle Requires Alignment

Ongoing maintenance and observation are essential to the long-term health of any vehicle.  It is important to have your vehicle inspected before problems become physically apparent; as problems can compound, the longer a vehicle goes without being serviced.     Failing to do routine maintenance upon your vehicle can ultimately result in more expensive repairs and more serious issues needing to be corrected.

The interdependent nature of the hundreds of parts that make your vehicle work means that once one part begins to malfunction it can cause another part to malfunction and so on and so on.  This can continue until the problems become extremely noticeable and costly!  An example of an issue that can give birth to a lot of other problems is incorrect wheel alignment.  The alignment of your vehicle’s wheels directly influences your tire health and suspension, as well as overall driving capacity, especially in the summer months when you take long car trips.

Vehicle Pulling Left or Right

While most roads cause a vehicle to pull to one side or another due to their construction the pulling could be a sign your vehicle requires wheel alignment.  In order to be certain take your vehicle to a flat parking lot or newly paved roadway and drive it.   If the car continues to pull it may be time to take it to your trusted mechanic for inspection and wheel alignment.

Steering Wheel Vibration

If at high speed your steering wheel is vibrating rapidly it can be a sign that your wheels are not aligned properly and need to be serviced.  This steering wheel vibrating can also be a sign of other suspension related problems.  It is important to take your vehicle to a mechanic if this symptom occurs as the cause could be difficult to initially determine.

Steering Wheel Off Center

If you find that while driving with your wheels pointed straight forward your steering wheel center emblem seems off center, this could be a sign that your vehicle wheels require alignment.

Tires Show Signs of Uneven Wear

Vehicle wheels that are misaligned can cause your tires to experience road wear unevenly.  Though this issue can also be cause by problems with suspension and tire pressure, which is why it is important to have a mechanic properly gauge the cause of your tire wear.

Uneven tire wear can result in a blowout or a flat tire and can be very dangerous to the vehicle operator and others on the road.  It is important to have a mechanic determine whether your vehicle is at risk of a blowout or a flat for your driving safety and your vehicle’s overall health.

How We Can Help

At Lincoln Ave Auto our mechanics will be able to examine your vehicle and diagnose whether the car problems you are experiencing are a result of wheels that are out of alignment.  We will also be able to quickly determine if your driving problems are caused by a suspension problem, tire pressure issue, or some other cause.

We also encourage that you come to see us with your vehicle regularly so that we can correct vehicle problems while they remain minor and before they become a costly set of more serious repairs and damage.

At Lincoln Ave Auto, in Fair Lawn New Jersey, we specialize in European auto repair.  As one of Northern New Jersey’s leading European Auto Specialists, our clients from Franklin Lakes, Fairlawn, Glen Rock and Bergen County, keep returning to take advantage of our European Auto Repair expertise with more affordable costs than dealerships and other shops.

Get the proper maintenance and service at Lincoln Ave Auto your European Auto specialists.  Call for an appointment today. Tel: 973-427-4318

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