Fixing an Oil Leak in your BMW

Fixing an Oil Leak in your BMW

One of the hallmarks of the BMW brand is a high level of vehicle performance.  An essential step in keeping your BMW at the highest performance capacity possible is ensuring oil services are consistently applied.

Your BMW’s engine is made up of many moving parts, all of which depend on engine oil to remain properly lubricated and to remain in motion without malfunctioning.  An improperly oiled engine will not only reduce your BMWs performance level, it can lead to a host of other more serious issues within your vehicle’s engine.   Therefore it is essential that your BMW’s engine oil is properly filled and remains clean.   Taking your vehicle for regular oil changes and oil filter changes will keep all parts of the engine running smoothly and efficiently giving your BMW optimal performance and potentially saving you thousands of dollars in repairs down the line.  It is for this reason that diagnosing an oil leak in your BMW and dealing with it in a timely manner is such an essential part of your vehicle maintenance routine.  In this article we will discuss common causes of an oil leak and what can be done to handle the issue.

Wear and Tear on Drain Plug

Often and oil leak in your BMW can be caused by your engine’s drain plug not being properly secured.  Occasionally following an oil change a technician can improperly replace the drain plug leaving it loosened and allowing oil to leak out.  Other times natural damage over time can cause the drain plug to no longer fit securely, again causing an oil leak.  This issue is easily diagnosed and fixed by a vigilant automotive technician.

Loose Filler Cap

A loose filler cap could also be the culprit behind your BMW’s oil leak.  Pressure within the oil tank can force oil out through the caps in an improperly tightened filler cap spilling oil onto your engine.  To resolve the issue either purchase a replacement filler cap or tighten the existing cap.

Wear and Tear on Oil Filters

It is recommended that your oil filter be changed with each oil change your BMW undergoes.  This is a precautionary measure.  An unchanged oil filter can lead to the build-up of dirt and other debris in your engine.  This can result in leaks and other issues.  It is important to consult with a trusted BMW mechanic in order to determine what specific oil filter your BMW needs.

Defective Valve Gasket Seal

Your engines vale gasket keeps the engine oil sealed within the components of your engine.  The gasket also forms a barrier between the vehicle’s engine block and the oil pan.  Buildup of oil in the engine can create a pressurized environment that can cause seals to rupture.  Leaks caused by a ruptured valve gasket are more common in older model BMWs.

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