Repeat Customer BMW

David, Customers will buy from you. People buy from people they trust. This is especially true in service industries such as lawyers, doctors, mechanics and plumbers. I’ve owned cars for more than 25 years and haven’t had much success in finding mechanics that I trust. Most of them I have come across want to turn a $35 oil change into their mortgage payment for the next month.

However, recently, after reading some nice reviews online, I found Dave Borzilleri from Lincoln Ave Auto Repair in Fair Lawn, New Jersey. I decided to bring our car there. I’m happy to say that the reviews (all five stars) were accurate. Dave is simply one of the nicest, most trustworthy professionals I've met in a service business. I've since brought my other cars to him and he treats every one as if it was his own. I hope other business owners take his lead, and see it really does pay to be honest.

Brian Moran, Repeat Customer BMW

Simply the BEST and most FAIR auto body and mechanic shop I have ever been to! When my Volkswagen started having problems, I immediately took it to the dealer who gave me a laundry list of problems and a big estimate. Not knowing what to do, I called my friend who immediately recommended David and Lincoln Ave Auto Repair. When I went, David diagnosed my car within 10 minutes and gave me an estimate which was 10% the cost of what the dealer had estimated! He saved me so much money, and I am so thankful to have found him. He fixed my car by the next morning, and it has been driving perfectly since. At Lincoln Ave Auto, they are European car experts, and David, the owner, is meticulous about his work. He and his entire staff are so pleasant and fair as well. If you want a trusted mechanic/auto body repair team to give you the best work at the best price, Lincoln Ave Auto is the choice!

Ashkan Hamzelou, Newark NJ

Absolutely the best! David and his wife Marjan are very helpful, kind, and a pleasure to work with. They go above and beyond to not only take care of my car but to also educate me on what is going on with it. I will always come back. Highly recommended! Thank you!

Assad Nasralla, Tenafly NJ

I went to the dealer because my air conditioning was not working. They told me the compressor was shot and it needed to be replaced for $1200 dollars! I was glad I called Marjan at Lincoln Ave Auto to check out my Mercedes. David hooked it up to his diagnostics machine and got the compressor working again!  Seems it needed to be flushed and recharged with frion, and it was a lot less than the dealer. I am very happy with David and the work at Lincoln Ave Auto.

Iowana, A , Paramus, NJ